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Google Adwords provides an exceptionally effective way to promote your products or services to your potential clients and customers. When set up properly**, in a tight focused manner, Adwords can bring almost immediate results and enquiries. It can home in on the precise website page or element of your organisation that you want your selected visitors to experience.

  •       Immediate Promotion and Exposure
  •       Promote Specific Products or Services
  •       Focus Exclusively on Business Opportunities
  •       Identify and Concentrate on Geographic Areas
  •       Turn On and Off at Will
  •       Comprehensive Google Adwords Support
  •       No Jargon - Explained in Everyday Language

** Like many of Google's excellent products, Adwords is free. However, if a promotion campaign is created without using the many flexible and cost-effective settings available, Google will almost certainly make more money out of it than you will! Please contact me to ensure that you are getting, or going to get, the most from using this excellent product.

A well prepared Adwords advertising campaign will cost less, and earn far more, than traditional newspaper ad's because you have the advantage of attracting visitors who are looking for you, and showing them exactly what they want to see!

Like so many things on the web, Google Adwords can be viewed as exceptionally complicated and, to some, a bit of a con'. In reality it is actually fairly straightforward. Complex - Yes - but if you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and why, it can provide outstanding results at a very reasonable cost. Once running effectively and efficiently, it is totally controllable and flexible.

For those who have had a negative experience of using Adwords I offer a campaign review service, in which I identify major potential improvements in the keywords, ad's, focus and settings, to ensure that it is cost-effective and fits within your promotion budget.

Any initial appraisal by me, after I understand what you want a campaign to achieve, will include a review of your past campaign data, (if appropriate), your keywords, settings and ad groups and individual ad's. I am totally happy if you wish to implement suggested changes yourself or in-house, and, of course, can take on the task for you if that is what you prefer.

For an indication of what I can offer to enhance your business website advertising using Google Adwords, please contact me or complete this form and I will contact you.

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As mentioned above Google Adwords and its associated software is free. Like Google Analytics, Adwords is recognised as a first class product for managing the promotion of your business website - when set up correctly. When it is not, it will cost you more than you will earn from it.

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