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The SEO Process

Its Not A Case Of One-Size-Fits-All

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) when carried out effectively, can make a marked difference in your website visitor numbers, improve the number and quality of business enquiries you receive, and inform a much wider audience of the products or services you, or your organisation offer. However, SEO, because of page or website differences and needs, cannot be a one-size-fits-all process. Yes, a number of key tasks might need to be completed, however, depending on the site, and the focus required, some areas on one site might have more work done than others to improve specific areas.

Jobs To Be Done

In most situations, on pretty much, all websites, the following tasks need to be carried out, however, possibly not in the order given. Some, to identify the likely focus, and some to improve performance of a given page or the site as a whole. They are:

  • Content - critical - enough relevant, well-written words focused on the stated subject or emphasis of the page
  • Keyword research and keyword identity of search words and phrases that tie in closely with the intended meaning of the Content
  • A closely related page filename title which includes keywords
  • A specifically relevant page title of optimum length, which includes page-relevant keywords and phrases
  • Checking that the Content of the page contains identified keywords within the text, particularly near the start of the wording
  • Headings and sub-headings are placed within the content and contain relevant, identified keywords pertaining to the section headed
  • Images preferably have both relevant, key-worded ALT tags and TITLE tags - or at least key-worded ALT tags in all cases throughout the page
  • Only include business-relevant inbound links and ensure keywords relating to the given page are used in the link text
  • Create a clear, coherent, and straightforward META Description which has keywords and phrases at or near the start which also, if relevant, includes geographic information
  • Where available, add your website details to relevant local, trade and professional free directories and listings
  • Register for a Google account and set up Google Analytics in all of the site pages
  • Register the site with Google Webmaster Tools and use the numerous support facilities to check the pages for technical accuracy and functioning, and to learn more advanced website promotion skills
  • If relevant, register with Google Places For Business and list the website business or organisation in detail
  • If relevant, ensure that there is a clear, live link from related social media sites to the website, or to a specific page

Allowing Time

Another important point relating to SEO is that it is not a process where one action, or group of actions, fixes any given situation. It is usual to identify some initial actions, and then following edits and changes, to allow time for their impact to appear and/or to show within the search engines. From this point it is a case of tweaking or developing specific areas depending on that reaction. On the basis of this, although I do offer a one-off price for doing a specific piece of work, it is far more preferable to agree an initial, monthly paid, ninety day contract to allow those early improvements to be developed a bit further. This approach tends to be beneficial for you, the client, and me. You don't commit to a long-term, ongoing monthly payment without a natural opportunity for a review of progress. I get enough time, where I can, to make marked improvements in your website's performance and 'prove' the cost benefit of hiring me!

One-Off Pricing

I offer one-off pricing for two reasons - two different types of client. For those who are new to what SEO can do for their website and want to have a fixed budget for, often, limited work done. Invariably, when they see the results from changes made, they consider taking it further.

The other group know the business and ask me to focus on one particular area of a website, sometimes just one page, to provide suggestions for edits and improvements for a specific reason.

So - What Next?

Whether you need to get your website 'working' for you, or want to improve its current performance, or maybe, just get better results from one particular page or feature on your website, please contact me to see what changes or improvements I might suggest.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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