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A business website needs to play its part in 'selling' you or your organisation and generating enquiries, otherwise what is the point of it?

To make it a working business tool you have almost certainly added your website address to your letterheads, invoices and business cards, it's on your vehicles and signboards, and you have checked to see that it is listed on Google. This is all good and if good quality website-related business enquiries are coming in then there is possibly no need to do anything more.

However, the website owners and managers this article addresses are those for whom, having invested in a website, the customer enquiries are just not happening. It can be frustrating, baffling and it is possibly difficult to decide what to do next.

Over the past few years the vast majority of my clients have had one main line of focus in relation to their website; they want their site to be found on pages one or two of Google for their business, service or product. Given time to analyse their site and its present performance and then make a few tweaks, it is not that difficult to do just that. However, once it is up there how are they going to harness this excellent search engine listing status for the benefit of their organisation or business?


neil ford fixed my website

My suggested approach, depending on the 'status' of your site on the search engines, is in the form of four clear steps:


May I suggest that you start by checking your pages in relation to Step 1 and then work through to Step 4. If you need help, guidance or assistance please feel free to email or call and I will do my best to get you on the right track.