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Whether you are selling something locally or offering a local service it is essential that your website is optimised to reach those all-important potential clients. Ensuring you have a good local Google listing for a given, relevant search phrase is a critical part of this.

Google My Business

All business website owners and managers should be aware that, although always important, your fully completed Google My Business profile has become a critical factor in promoting you and your website both locally and regionally. It’s free! Is yours up-to-date?!?

Local SEO – So What Can I Do?

A key point here is that I only work by ethical SEO industry standards and by using well-tried and proven techniques. Working in that way I can:

  • Dramatically improve your Google website or web page listing – ethically
  • Promote your website locally
  • Encourage more potential customers to visit your website
  • Generate more genuine business enquiries

I would do this by:

  • Talking to you and establishing precisely what you want to achieve
  • Identifying and checking out your immediate competitors (if applicable)
  • Establishing with you what you believe to be your key search terms
  • Carrying out a full SEO audit of your website to identify opportunities
  • Adopting a strategic approach to fixing SEO and on-page issues
  • Reviewing, optimising and fine tuning key page content (as required)
  • Establishing key links to your website
  • Creating and / or fine tuning your citation and online profiles
  • Monitoring and reporting progress on a monthly basis
  • Ensuring a high quality mobile phone version of your website is running
  • Reviewing and fixing image naming, optimisation and tagging (as required)
  • Ensuring key analytics software is running to support your website
  • Planning future site and content development

Any local business website SEO edits and/or amendments I suggest will be specific to the needs of your business and your website. Do bear in mind that some website changes can take time to filter through and have a real impact so I would recommend that you consider this a three to six month project as a minimum.

If your website is new, or you feel it is under-performing in your local area and you believe it is an SEO and promotion issue please contact me.

Why Come To Me For Local SEO

Let people know you are a local business.I started working in the SEO field in 2001. I have clients whom I have worked with for many years together with a continual flow of new clients who are mostly looking for short-term SEO and website project support. Although I still work in a wider area than just SEO, I much prefer to focus purely on local SEO client issues and projects.

In the local SEO arena for both new websites, and existing ones, I have a track record for completely transforming the status, search engine listing and business generation ability of the websites and web pages I have worked on. As you will appreciate, it does not happen overnight, however, clients are often very surprised by how quickly things start to change after some initial work has been carried out.

To check me out please take a look at my LinkedIn Profile and visit my other websites. They are: Website Promotion Cambridge and Cambridge SEO.
From the distant past, but still out there is www.elymt.co.uk.


Local SEO Clients & Projects

My SEO client work is a clear mix of those with a website, or websites, wanting to continually develop their site and their online presence, those with a site they just want to get well listed on Google, and finally, those who have a page or pages they want to perform more effectively.

Clients range from the  self-employed, like tradesmen and professionals, to small companies, with up to 10 to 15 employees, to multi-million organisations. As you might expect some of the ongoing working relationships  have been in place for eight years plus. For the more specific one-off SEO projects it usually works out that we are connected for something between three and nine months.

“I would highly recommend Neil as he certainly knows what’s what with computers and with setting up my Business Web Site. He explained clearly what he had done step by step without me needing to understand all the technical jargon. Neil is a professional hard working chap who will go that extra mile to achieve the best for you.”

A.W. Alan Wisbeach Decorating, Mildenhall, Newmarket, Suffolk

Two examples of project work that come to mind were carried out about four years ago. One was for a mobile engineer who wanted a strong regional presence on Google which I achieved in about five months. The other is for a self-employed painter and decorator based near Newmarket in Suffolk who wanted to promote his services locally to Ely, Mildenhall and Newmarket. In both of these cases I have just done a generic local trade search on Google and they are both still sitting nicely on page one!

“Over the years Neil has transformed the roll of our Company website to such a degree that we now spend very little on traditional advertising.”

D.H. Sandy Lane Nursery, Diss, Norfolk

An example of small company website promotion success, of which I have several, is a large Norfolk-based plant nursery who I have worked with for about ten years. At the start of our relationship their website and its effectiveness was all-but non-existent, however, over the years, after some early tweaks, I have kept their site firmly on page one of Google nationally! One major side effect of their enviable online status is that customers gradually came to only deal with them via the site, email and telephone, negating the need for their previous, hugely expensive, national and regional advertising campaigns.

The Pros And Cons Of Local SEO

You may well have been advised that that Pay Per Click (PPC) is more fashionable than SEO. While I have nothing against a well prepared, efficient PPC campaign the only way you can keep it going is to keep on paying. With SEO – Yes – you can keep developing it, however, once it is working for you, it generally continues to work for you. As evidence of this two particular clients come to mind where the SEO work carried out by me over six years ago is still in place, bar the odd tweak, is maintaining them high up on page 1 of Google, and is still bringing in a steady flow of good quality business enquiries!

Second point, and mentioned earlier, is that unlike PPC, SEO cannot change things overnight. To be effective a review process needs to be utilised to establish your website’s present status and standing followed by a clear strategic approach to rectifying issues and developing areas of opportunity. This means first of all that not everything is fixed in the first few weeks! The process requires that time is allowed for the impact of changes and adjustments to have impact out there on the web and within the all-important search engines – notably Google.

So, if you are looking for long-term improvements in your website’s fortunes, SEO is the way, but do be prepared for it to take a bit of time to get in place.

Local SEO Costs

Whenever we talk costs I think of the old question, “How long is a piece of string?” The answer is, “Who knows?” However, in an effort to help you, and bearing in mind the listing of tasks shown earlier, I would suggest that for a new website or a small, existing site, the likely initial fee will be something between £100 and £300 to get things started.

As mentioned earlier, I would generally recommend that you commit to at least three to six months minimum to see real change.

[Do bear in mind that you are not under contract to pay for any given period and can pull out at any time.]

For fixed-priced local SEO projects based on a stated schedule of initial tasks on a smaller website or specific pages you need to be looking at something around £200.00 to £300.00. as a minimum with a review after around twelve to sixteen weeks.

I do hope you have found this page helpful and that, should you be looking to improve your website’s and your business’s fortunes locally, from an SEO perspective, you will contact me.

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