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Free Online SEO Review

Local ‘Do It Yourself’ SEO Support – 1-2-1 On-Line Service
If you are a tradesman, a local small business owner or manager, or a website designer and want to improve the performance of a business website, or a page on a website locally, I can probably help. I use an online system, very like Skype, which means we can meet 1-2-1 online, we can confirm what you are looking to achieve, review the page together, and I can offer suggestions for changes that you can consider and do yourself.

This online one-to-one review meeting of your site or page is free. I just need your website address, the name of the page you want to improve (if appropriate) and your email address so that we can set up a meeting.
(Your details are required for contact purposes only. I do not share private information.)

Why Use An Online Meeting System?

Most importantly because we don’t need to travel and you can do everything from your home or office!

Using virtual meeting software for your online SEO review also gives us the opportunity to discuss the various aspects of a page. We are looking at your page together live which makes it much easier to show you and explain my suggestions and ideas. We can also check out other live information like Google search, or take a look at your main competitors.

Preparing For Your Online Meeting

To have an effective meeting you will need to:

Set yourself up where there is minimum disturbance
Fire up your computer or laptop
Turn on and check the audio (Control Panel > Sounds) – preferably a headset mic
Turn on and check the webcam
Have notepaper and a pen handy**

**The 1-2-1 session is not recorded so please be ready to take, or have notes taken.

What Might Be Next?

As you will appreciate, once changes have taken effect, it will almost certainly be worthwhile to run another review after say, 6 to 8 weeks to see what other improvement options might arise.