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Google Ads – Do’s & Don’ts

Google Ads – Do’s & Don’ts

Google Ad’s is a brilliant way to promote and advertise your services and products. Google has the best of the market and offers you a whole range of free tools and facilities to help you get the most from marketing on the web. Google’s approach seems to be that if you do well and offer their customers (searchers) what they are looking for, they do well too.

STOP – It’s Your Money!

Having said this, Google, like you, is in business and is looking to make money. If you dive in and run your first Google Ads campaign without carrying out some of the Do’s and Don’ts here, you are likely to add to their profits for little or no return!

Adgroup Logic
Focus on helping your potential customers
If your ad is for ‘fence erection services’ send people to your ‘fence erection services’ page, not your general landscaping Home page.
Likewise, if your ad says ‘teeth whitening service’ send searchers to your ‘teeth whitening service’ page, not your general dental practice Home page.

Google Ads Basic Do’s and Don’ts

Some of this might not mean too much to you at the moment but here is a list to take notice of:

      • Make sure the page you intend to point to is specific to one subject
      • Think about “who” your customer is and how they might search
      • Understand what keywords or phrases are
      • Use the Google Keywords planner tool
      • In your first Campaign have specific Ad Groups for specific products or services
      • Set a low maximum daily budget that you know you can afford
      • Avoid running 24/7. Only run ads at times you expect searchers to be looking
      • Initially, run your ads in a tight geographical area or region
      • Initially, limit the keywords per Ad Group to 5 or so
      • To start with use ‘exact match’. This can be reviewed and relaxed later
      • Always create 2 or 3 ads per Ad Group to see which one gets clicks
      • As much as possible use all the space offered for writing your ads
      • Use your keyword in the headline of the ad where possible
      • Repeat customer focused words in the headline later in the ad
      • Try to include your keyword in the file name of your page
      • Use keywords in the page title and meta description
      • Include your keyword in headings and sub-headings on your page
      • Make sure your keyword is the first words in your page content

      Essential Extras

      – Register for Google My Business and complete your profile as fully as possible
      – Register for Google Search Console and learn how to resubmit your pages
      – Register for Google Analytics and link it to Google Ads and Google Search Console

      If You Can – Do It Yourself

      If your brain is now frying, go to Youtube, Koozai TV, and Google too, to have some of this stuff explained or simplified. None of this is rocket-science but as you can see, it is quite complex and time-consuming. Using Google Ads can be amazingly successful for promoting your trade, profession or business but you do need to get you head round the basics before hitting the ‘Go’ button.

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