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Google Ads Review & Support

Google Ads (aka Google Adwords), although sometimes criticised, is a well respected, very effective means of promoting your business, services or products. Too often new campaigns are set up poorly without effective controls and so are seen to be “useless” or a “rip-off”. Older ones are often not updated to utilise current software improvements.

Google Ads and advertising of this type is often referred to as Pay-Per-Click or PPC.

(Please Note: I offer Adwords Account Support not Adwords Account Management.)

The Google Ads service I offer provides key support when you are setting up your campaign, or when, with an active campaign, you want to improve response or reduce monthly cost. My intention is to help you get better results at an acceptable cost. My clients include tradesmen, professional practices, and small to medium sized businesses.

Key activities / options:

  • Write new ad’ copy
  • Improve ad'(s)
  • Improve ad’ to page relationship
  • Massively reduce monthly cost – where possible
  • Tighten up settings
  • Ad’ localisation
  • Improve link to website
  • Review account and / or campaigns

I do not take over the running of your account or campaigns. I purely support you by working alongside to improve your results. I work with a number of my existing clients in this way.

I can do as much or as little as you need.

An Effective Ads Account

The signs that a Google Adwords campaign or adgroup is running well are that you are:

  • Receiving the expected, or more than the expected relevant sales / enquiries
  • Those sales / enquiries are within the geographical area you intended
  • Your ads are showing up on page 1 for your intended search term
  • That the monthly cost is as, or below what you expected

Getting a good return at an acceptable price is the key driver. If your account is running effectively the benefits can range from marginal to brilliant! Either way your return on your monthly outgoings is positive.

Product Or Service Competition

It is very common for Google Ads to be ‘needed’ to get ahead of your competition. This is a perfectly reasonable approach. However, just occasionally, particularly in situations where others see Adwords as a logical answer too, the bidding and the cost-per-click can be exceptionally high. In this scenario you might need to reconsider your options promotion-wise.

How Can I Help You?

If you feel I can help to improve your Google Ads account, campaign or ad’s please contact me and we can talk things through. I will then take a look to see if I feel I can help you and we’ll move on from there.

Please call 07702 505 703 or email neil@ely-website-seo.co.uk

Neil Ford – Ely Website SEO
Ely, Cambridge
Phone: 07702 505 703

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