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Google Page 1 & Mobile – Essential

Google page 1 and a mobile phone website are essential if your goal is to generate local business sales or enquiries from the web.

The vast majority of searchers – about 75% – will only look at page 1 results on Google. If you want to attract enquiries it is critical that your products or service appear on page 1.

What you might not realise, is that some 80% of searchers start searching locally on their mobile phone. Being busy, they want to learn about what you offer in simple terms from a fast loading page. If you don’t offer this, they will look somewhere else.

Accepting all of this means that your business needs a fast, purpose-built mobile phone web page – sometimes called a landing, or referral page – that is listed locally on page 1 on Google!


The Mobile Page Service I Offer

The pages I create are simple, fast and effective, and link directly to you and your business.

If you are self-employed or part of a small to medium sized business and would like to look into this further, please contact Neil.


Neil Ford – Ely Website SEO
Ely, Cambridge
Phone: 07702 505 703

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Neil Ford of Ely Website SEO – I started working on website promotion in 2001. My key focus is local and regional SEO, and website promotion, including Google Ad’s support. The SEO business area is not regulated; however I have always followed industry best practice guidelines in my dealings with my clients and their pages or websites.

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