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Improving Website Performance

By Neil Ford

Improving website performance is generally perfectly straightforward once the website or web page requirements have been identified. 

Relevant, Quality Content

Performance improvement is rarely down to the need for ‘a site rebuild’, which is often suggested. It is far more likely to be connected with the quality of the site content, and the SEO elements around it.

Other than situations where a client asked for a rebuild, almost every website, or group of web pages, I have successfully worked on stayed pretty much as they were. The differences being related to how visitors reacted to the content, the ease of use of the pages, the Google search listing of specific pages, and the increase in the number of ‘real’ enquiries generated.

Most of my clients are astonished at how quickly things start to improve even though we may not have implemented all of the site improvements recommended. It’s great to have a very positive start but we need that upward trend to stay in place for it to be seen as fully successful.

Over the initial three to six months, by monitoring the site and page data, we are likely to need to carry out various tweaks to ensure things continue to improve. Just occasionally more radical changes may be needed but those are rare.

That Initial Site Evaluation

The foundation for identifying any work that might be needed is the initial evaluation of the site as it stands now. 

  • Is it broadly the way you want it?
  • Does it give visitors the information they need?
  • Is that information up-to-date and well written?
  • Is it easy to use on all devices – mobile, tablet and desktop?
  • Are all of the key SEO elements in place and to a high standard?
  • Does the site run well technically?
  • Do the pages encourage communication – sales, enquiries, orders?

Unfortunately, because of Google’s requirements, competition, and the complexity of success factors, if your website or key web pages are not up to standard, they are likely to under-deliver for you.

The key is to fully evaluate your website, or the important pages, and make sure that any shortcomings are dealt with so that you achieve optimum performance and results!

If your website, or any particular pages are under performing or, if you believe that certain aspects of your site or pages could be doing so much better, please give me a call on 07702 505 703. I promise not to come the ‘hard sell’ and will provide you with an honest appraisal of your setup so that you can decide to improve anything that might need attention.

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