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Get On To Page One On Google

Local SEO – Google  – Page 1!

Getting your website on to Page 1 of Google’s local search listings for the Ely, Cambridge and Newmarket area is far simpler than it may seem – for most business types.

Why am I cautious? Well experience has proved that for some businesses, even for local sites, page 1 is exceptionally difficult to achieve because of local competition and/or interest and involvement by national or international organisations.

However, for most local business types, getting on to page one of Google is a realistic aim, and when achieved, can bring enormous benefits business-wise.

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Fitting In With Google

For you to have a chance of making page 1 you will need to ensure that some key actions have been taken connected with your website, and that some important elements are in place and set up correctly. As you may already know, Google is very particular about standards being met and maintained, and there really are not any short cuts. That said, for anyone with a little understanding of how websites work, nearly everything can be done yourself.

As a baseline check make sure the following are in place:

  • Your Home page, or the page you want to promote has between 200 and 500 words of readable, relevant text
  • Your website is already listed somewhere on Google Search pages
  • You have, a fully completed, Google My Business profile (Free)


  • You are registered for Google Analytics (Free)
  • You are registered for Google Search Console (Free)

Key Elements Of Local SEO For Google

Key elements and features of any page you wish to promote locally:

  • Identify and understand the importance of page keywords or phrases and include them in the page title, the page description, the page content and the page section headings
  • Ensure the page meta Title includes your location as in:

“Newmarket Solicitors | Conveyancing | Johnson & Co., Newmarket”.

Keep it to a maximum of 50 – 70 characters.

  • Equally, although for a different purpose, make sure your meta Description also includes your location and mirrors the wording of the Title. As in:

“Newmarket conveyancing solictors, Johnson & Co., will guide you through buying and selling your property. Call our Newmarket office for a free initial consultation.”

For the Description something around 140 – 170 characters is good.

  • Whatever the page, if this is about, Johnson & Co, the Newmarket Conveyancing Solicitors, make sure that this information is in the opening line of your content and referred to from time-to-time throughout the text. So it might look something like:

“Newmarket specialist conveyancing solicitors, Johnson & Co, provide professional guidance and advice when buying and selling your property in the Newmarket area. They pride . . ”

To Achieve Page 1 Locally In Google – Be Consistent

As you have possibly grasped, Google wants to see consistent information in various elements of the page you are looking to promote. To help Google understand that you are “local” you need to ensure that you are repeating the specific location in each one. In my example – although it might work – it might not work so well if you mixed in “Breckland” and “Suffolk” with Newmarket. It’s a case of ‘keep it simple’. Decide where you want to promote yourself and then stick with it.

Local SEO – I Can Help

I specialise in helping businesses that are local to Newmarket, Cambridge and Ely promote their website’s locally and regionally. If I can assist you please contact me.

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