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Local & Regional SEO

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Local SEO Process
– You say what you want
– I review your site / page
– We discuss the options
– I give you an estimate
No monthly fees – No hassle

Mildenhall SEO Support
I am an experienced and knowledgeable local and regional SEO specialist, based near Ely, helping professional practices, tradesmen, and smaller businesses improve their business website’s Google status. Recent one-off projects have included improving website performance generally, focusing website promotion in a specific geographical area, and elevating a site from page 15 on Google to page 1!
Happy to work on ‘problem’ pages, a small section of a larger website, or the whole of a smaller site.

Google Page 1
Website promotion of your products or services is far more likely to be successful, as you might expect, if your site is listed on page 1 on Google. Page 1 is the place to be for so many reasons. However, for some business types it can be an unrealistic aim, particularly in the early stages of a digital marketing exercise. The common reasons are that there may be a whole stack of competitors locally making the same offer or, what you offer is similar to that promoted by much larger regional or national competitors.
None of this means that you can’t be in there too. You just need to be aware that getting you to page 1 may take a bit longer.
For the vast majority of tradesmen, professional practices, and businesses looking to promote themselves locally or regionally there is absolutely nothing to stop them achieving an excellent search listing – sometimes quite quickly.

Is Mobile Search Important?
For most businesses, mobile search is critical.
Research shows that the vast majority – 80% plus – of initial searches are done on a mobile device – a mobile phone or a tablet. However, mobile searchers generally want a different ‘service’ to the one they would expect on their laptop or desktop. Generally they are looking for a no-frills, fast-loading page which offers them basic information together with clear, simple, links to more detail, if required.
This means that the days of having a slow-loading mobile version of your business website may not meet their needs, and you may need to address this.
The simplest option is to have a purpose-built, coded landing page, which has been developed and created purely for mobile phones and tablets – like this page!
It loads in a split second, offers key, basic information, and offers clear links to more information.

To discuss your plans, please contact Neil on 07702 505 703.

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