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Local SEO – Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

A mobile-friendly website may not immediately appear to be closely connected with anything to do with local SEO until you start to look at your visitor data, if it is available. In recent years the percentage of all first-searches are largely made on mobile devices. Tablets and mobile phones. We are talking about figures in the region of 60 to 70% And of those, some 88% will look further or make contact with that business within 24 hours, evidently!

So what is the point, and how does it link to local SEO?

It is really about getting things in order, putting the cart before the horse. My suggestion is that you maybe ensure that your website is mobile-friendly before you embark on a crusade to ensure it is attracting local attention.

Google Mobile-Friendly Check

Google offers a free simple mobile-friendly check on this link: Google Mobile Check. Just pop your website address in the box and you will be advised immediately how your site fares mobile-wise. Once you know the outcome you can plan your next moves.

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