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Promote Your Key Product

Promote your key products - Ely Website SEO

Focus On Your Key Product Or Service

Too often website owners and managers become transfixed on getting their entire website listed on page 1 of Google and Bing. There is no suggestion that there is anything wrong with this aim, it’s just that to do it all in one jump takes a huge amount of time and effort, when there is a simpler way.

This might be done with just search engine optimisation, (SEO), or it might be an SEO / Pay-Per-Click, (PPC) mix. Either way, the cost factor in time alone will be considerably more than you predict – if you are going to be very successful 

One Page At A Time – Not For Everyone

By the way the approach I am talking about here is not suitable for every website or every business. However, it is amazing how many websites and businesses it does relate to. Basically, rather than spending time on the whole website to get high level search engine results ‘across the board’, I am advocating that you select one product or service page for focused promotion. This way your key product or service is ‘out there’ and the rest of your site is ‘discoverable’ for the visitors you attract. Should you have other prime products or services you want to give prominence to, having prioritised them, you just go through the same process you used for the first one.

SEO Sticks

One massive advantage of taking the SEO route – if it is right for your website – is that good traditional SEO practices generally mean that your website page will hold its position on the search engine results page, (SERPS), without the need for constant payments or attention. Yes, it may rise or dip, (this goes on all the time), however, it should broadly maintain its eventual position.

Promoting A Smaller Local Business

As already suggested, this is not for every site or every business. It tends to fit with those businesses offering a set group of key services or products and will work very effectively with smaller, local organisations. So if you are a tradesman, a smaller business owner or manager, or you are in professional practice, it may be ‘right up your street’.

To help to illustrate the thinking and process I would like to give you a couple of real examples:

The Local Dentist

This short-term client wanted to attract enquiries to his dentistry practice for tooth straightening. He had plenty of patients generally but his expertise was tooth straightening. His website was interesting and attractive but he had never really bothered to promote it because he already had plenty of work. Now, however, in his belief, he wanted to get it on to page 1 of the search engines.

Once we had talked it through, we identified that all he really needed was to get his Tooth Straightening page into a strong position to encourage enquiries. Once a visitor arrived via that page, they could go to any other relevant pages from there.

We worked together on improving the existing Tooth Straightening page so that it started its journey up the Google listings. This was helped by the fact that he worked in a defined local area and had little or no direct competition locally.  It eventually settled at around number 2 on page 1 and generated the desired steady flow of specific enquiries.

The Local Pest Control Specialist

Another short-term client, he had an established pest control business, and website, in the local area and was doing well. However, in the ‘wasp nest season’ he found that he needed to commit to a fairly expensive pay-per-click campaign to keep the enquiries coming in.

As you might imagine, his website offered far more than wasp nest removal, tending to cover all pest control areas in general. What we needed to do was to pull out the wasp nest removal page and make it far stronger. After edits and tweaks and a fair bit of SEO the page quickly climbed the Google and Bing search engine listings and settled at number 1 on page 1 locally – where it has been ever since!

What Is Needed To Get A Page 1 Listing?

Although you might find a lot of techy, baffling stuff about achieving page 1, it mostly comes down to ensuring the core SEO best practices are in place. Things like having adequate, relevant wording or content; using titles and descriptions effectively; having relevant headings and sub-headings; and making sure that the images you use are fully optimised.

None of this is rocket science although if it’s not your thing it might seem like it’s a load of gobbledy-gook. If you would like to have a go at doing this yourself you will find more, specific information here. If that’s not for you then please do ask for assistance.

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