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Website Development & Promotion

Creating a website, particularly one that you want to work for you, requires planning, design, the build and then promotion. Once up and running all of these aspects come into play with any future development of the website too.

The outcome of this complete process can provide an effective, hard working business tool for your organisation – large or small.

Website Development and Focus
For larger business, their website might consist of numerous pages requiring constant attention and updates. They will almost certainly have a dedicated team, including one or two web specialists who keep their pages current and focused.

Quite clearly, little of this is available to smaller organisations, many of which hardly have time to update their sites, let alone carry out key development and promotional tasks!

So often a website run as part of a smaller business is set up and then left with minimal maintenance to provide the organisations ‘shop window’ until they have a major product or service change which must be added. Even then, this is sometimes carried out with little regard for ‘selling’ the new addition.

Maintaining or Improving Your Local Status
On top of routine maintenance, smaller business owners and managers need to be aware of specific shifts which have occurred over the last year or so – both legal and those required by Google – which focus on your website being in the best state to achieve optimum results.

They are:
– cookies consent
– having an SSL certificate applied to your site
– local and regional SEO and promotion

If your provider has added a cookies consent to your site, a box or bar should pop up when you visit to check you are OK with the site’s cookie policy.

If an SSL certificate has been properly set up on your site, you will see a little padlock and the letters ‘https://’ in the address bar. This is important because, as from October 2018, Google will actively support secure sites and discourage ‘insecure’ ones!

Finally, for local and regional promotion, Google seeks to promote websites that home in on where the business operates. Even for huge organisations you might notice that they actively promote themselves within a local town or area. The thinking is, that with the continual decline of ‘bricks and mortar retail’, the geographical advances in mobile devices, the massive up shift in online sales and business, and the resulting local and regional competition this has created, websites, even local ones, really have no option but to be optimised to ensure they have a strong listing locally.

Checking Out Where You Are Now
If your website has been up for more than eighteen months, or if your website is very new, it is a valuable exercise to carry out, or have an SEO audit completed for you. With some basic checks and a simple review you can easily establish your present online status. If you come to me to do these, I will identify any areas that might need addressing. From there you can either sort out any of these yourself, or in-house, or ask me to cost doing them for you.

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