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Local and Regional SEO Specialist – Ely, Cambridgeshire

  • Website / Web Page Google Search Performance Improvement
  • Excellent track record for short-term and one-off local and regional SEO projects

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Freelance Local & Regional SEO services:

  • Improving Google search results for a page, product or service
  • Improving website Google status generally
  • Wider online promotion of specific website page(s)
  • Google My Business profile improvement
  • Analysing and reporting on on-page and off-page SEO elements
  • Identifying opportunities to improve page/site Google search listing
  • Analysing present activity and visitor response
  • Reviewing specific site page(s) for improvement opportunities

Local SEO & Website Promotion Examples

– Well established, respected architectural design practice wishing to widen their business area.
– Established corrugated cardboard box manufacturer looking to improve their local and regional status.
– Specialist stage and theatre services business seeking promotion nationwide.
– Newly self-employed painter and decorator wanting work enquiries from a specific geographical area.
– Supporting a fast developing Ely dance school  client with local SEO improvements.
– Food processing company looking for SEO suggestions for newly launched product pages.
– Assisting a local cleaning company with local and regional SEO and website focus.
– Long established retail and commercial garden machinery company needing to maintain their business status.

New Client With Well Established Website

I often work on well established websites, or specific pages, where there is a need to boost local and regional sales or enquiries. This is almost always involves close collaboration with managers and / or members of their teams so that I can quickly understand the current issues and situation. It is also exceptionally beneficial for sense checking the route I suggest and the edits I make.

I can offer various examples of working with larger clients where marked improvements have been achieved.

Prospective New Client Expectations

SEO, for whatever purpose, is not immediate. Nor is it possible to offer guarantees or promises as to what it will achieve.

Although not rocket-science, SEO is complex and relies on various factors relating to the website itself, and the business environment you operate in. If the website is in prime condition for both mobile and desktop users, and you are not in a heavily competitive field, we are starting from a good place.

Initial Review & Market & Competition Check

Whether you are new to website promotion or have no interest in it, and have either a new website or an existing one that needs a boost, the SEO process is essentially the same. An audit or review needs to be carried out first with the help of whatever data is available. It is then beneficial to look at the market you operate in and identify your immediate competition.

Having taken the time to check these things out first, it is often possible to make some initial edits or changes that can improve your status very quickly.

That said, I rarely expect to see reliable, worthwhile search results in less than 12 to 24 weeks. If you are looking for something more immediate, I am possibly not your man.

Ball-Park Pricing or Short-Term Monthly Fee

I need 12 weeks to start seeing improvements and so if I price work with a detailed breakdown that is the time-frame I am working to.

If you prefer to pay a monthly fee, paid in advance, again it will be for a minimum of 3 months. Obviously, any fee will be based on the work to be done but is unlikely to be less than £240.00..

At the end of the agreed period, depending on the developments you are seeing, you can decide how to proceed.

Website Types & Status

I work on most website build systems including WordPress and it’s variants, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly and HTML5.

I do not look to redesign your website if you are happy with it. However, I may suggest some upgrades and improvements if I feel it could be performing better for you.

** For a step-by-step guide for improving your website or page ranking – Improving Website Page Ranking. **

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Making Contact With Neil

Neil Ford

Please email me initially and we can discuss what you are looking to achieve.
I will then take a look around your pages to get an idea of what is involved and we can start to look at the options available.

Neil Ford – Ely Website SEO
Ely, Cambridge

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Neil Ford of Ely Website SEO – I started working on website promotion in 2001. My key focus is local and regional SEO and website promotion. The SEO business area is not regulated; however I have always followed industry best practice guidelines in my dealings with my clients and their pages or websites.

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