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Your Website On Page 1
Your website can be on page 1 on Google locally in about 3 months!

This is not a wild marketing claim – it’s true.

If it is important for you and your business that your website has a strong Google search listing locally and it doesn’t at the moment, please contact me. Once I understand what you are looking to achieve I can take a look at your site with your aims in mind.
If you are happy with my suggestions we can look at how to proceed.

Benefits Of Local SEO
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), when carried out thoroughly and ethically, will generally achieve long-term improvements to the Google status of your website, or any given page. When a person puts in a search for something connected with what you offer, or your business type or name, your site will be listed. There is usually no need to keep paying for SEO once Google knows who you are.

How Can SEO Benefit My Business?

If your business needs a steady stream of new enquiries or sales generated from your website, (some don’t), you will almost certainly benefit from making sure your website is optimised to perform at its best. Some of these key points may be of importance to you.

Optimised websites tend to:

  • Generate more natural or organic website traffic
  • Build trust and credibility
  • Improve your business status
  • Increase engagement, traffic and business enquiries, particularly locally
  • Positively impact on the buying cycle
  • Broadly be a one-off cost and tends to stick
  • Be an effective long-term strategy
  • Often generate new business ideas
  • Get you on to page 1 and win clicks

Current Clients

Neil Ford – Ely Website SEO
I am based near Ely, Cambridge. I have worked in the SEO field since 2001. My clients – many long-term – include self-employed people, and small and medium-sized businesses locally, throughout the UK, and beyond.
Please feel free to contact me if you feel I can help you.

Neil Ford – Ely Website SEO
Ely, Cambridge
Phone: 07702 505 703

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