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Website Performance Review

Website SEO & Performance Review

I offer a comprehensive website SEO and performance review which will identify opportunities, edits and additions that will boost your Google search status.

If your website is complete but you are not heading towards page 1 on Google, particularly as a local business, you will almost certainly find the options suggested in my review very beneficial.

Did you know that only 25% of Google searchers move on to page 2!

The process I use is tried and tested, and follows SEO industry guidelines. It is exactly the same as the review service I offer new SEO clients before improving their Google status or the user experience of their pages.

Key aspects of the review include: 

  • checking current site data; 
  • examining profiles connected to the site; 
  • clarifying what Google sees currently; 
  • reading through your page content; 
  • identifying page focus; 
  • checking image optimisation; 
  • reviewing site loading speed; and 
  • looking at link structure.

My review report will give you, or your site manager, numerous options to consider for improving the SEO and performance of your site generally, and your Google search status particularly.  I do my best to word your summary in everyday language so that those not so ‘internet savvy’ can appreciate what is being suggested and why.

Get your Website SEO & Performance Review now!

Making Contact With Neil

Please email me initially and we can discuss what you are looking to achieve.
If relevant, I will then take a look around your pages to get an idea of what is involved and we can start to look at the options available.

Neil Ford – Ely Website SEO
Ely, Cambridge

LinkedIn Profile

Neil Ford of Ely Website SEO – I started working on website promotion in 2001. My key focus is local and regional SEO, and website promotion, including Google Ad’s support. The SEO business area is not regulated; however I have always followed industry best practice guidelines in my dealings with my clients and their pages or websites.

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